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Our history begins in December 2015. We realized how intriguing it was to learn - analyze - design - develop - maintain an application, so that we could help other people solving their problems. For that reason, we decided to create a sterling team called Nibble Softworks. Nibble is a term in computing for half of a byte or four bits. It represents the four founder of nibble softworks.

As the time goes by, nibble softworks existence spread viva voce. We are known as a team that delivers a modern solution for our clients’ requirements. The requirements we gathered are analyzed thoroughly based on our client’s condition so that we always design a solution tailored to our client’s needs and expectations. To be able to provide a great solution in this quickly growing technology trends, we keep learning to keep us updated with current technology.

Partitioning our works and solving it bites by bites by our little team of researchers, analysts, developers, and designers is our little secret to give our clients not a solution that ‘just works’, but a solution that leaves an indelible impact to our clients. Little bit counts.

Have a byte of IT ;)


Using technology to facilitate people reaching their goals with creative ideas and innovation

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